In what could have been one of the most terrifying disasters of the decade, a UTair Boeing 767 had to abort its landing when an errant Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus suddenly taxied onto the runway during the plane’s descent. With seconds to spare, the pilot of the 767 pulled back up, narrowly avoiding the other plane and potentially saving hundreds of lives.

Thanks to Miguel Ángel, a spotter at the Barcelona-El Prat International Airport, we have video footage of the near miss. It’s hard to judge just how close the two planes were to each other from the angle we’re given, but the 767 clearly makes a rapid adjustment as soon as the Airbus reaches the runway, indicated just how close of a call this really was.

Once the runway was clear, the airliner circled back around and made a clean landing without further incident. Even Denzel Washington would be impressed. Watch the heart-stopping footage in the video below.