Michael Bay gets a lot of flak for his over-the-top, disturbingly violent take on the Transformers universe, but each subsequent release makes more money than the last. The latest film in the series, Transformers: Age of Extinction, is no exception, having already topped $400 million at the international box office.

At this rate, Age of Extinction will likely make $1 billion before it leaves theaters, but rather than contribute to the continued degradation of our collective childhood, why not find an alternative this July 4th weekend?

Attack on Giant is a stop motion Transformers fan film by Harris Loureiro, an animator who has been publishing short videos featuring his favorite toys for years. Looking back through his archive, this is by far the most ambitious production he’s ever undertaken. Loureiro filmed the 5 minute video late last year and finished cutting it together in May. It has everything you’d ever want from a Transformers short — classic 80s sound effects, terrible explosions and Stan Bush’s The Touch to top it all off.

Check out the video below and save yourself from the the lowest rated Transformers film so far.

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