The calendar app is one of the most important apps on any smartphone and since iOS 7 first launched, Apple’s iOS calendar has left much to be desired. Luckily, Apple has built the best mobile software ecosystem in the world, so there are dozens of great third-party calendars to choose from. We have covered several different calendar options here on BGR in the past, but today we want to bring your attention to one in particular that is unlike any other iOS calendar app you’ve ever used.

CalCube by Appsuperb takes an interesting approach to calendars by slapping a full-featured mobile calendar on a 3D cube interface. It seems a bit odd at first, but the result is actually a calendar that is incredibly easy to navigate — in fact, it might be even better than conventional calendars.

From the app’s description:

Calcube is the quickest calendar around.

All you need to enter is the name and time of your event. Other details are already pre-set at the first startup of the app. That’s what makes CalCube much faster than your default calendar.

But there’s more:

• Much better week overview
• Intuitive navigation
• Weather forecast by Weathercube integrated in calendar
• Awarded design
• Of course, CalCube syncs with iCloud, Google Agenda, iCal etc.

CalCube is a universal app for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s normally $1.99. Act fast, however, and you can download it for free.

Download CalCube