A few weeks ago, John Oliver’s net neutrality appeal during his HBO show went viral, convincing many Internet users to leave comments with the FCC about the its controversial proposal that would allow for Internet “fast lanes.” In Oliver’s original smackdown of the FCC, he said that having Wheeler run the Federal Communications Commission despite working previously as a cable company lobbyist was “the equivalent of needing a babysitter and hiring a dingo.” Meanwhile,, on Friday Wheeler was asked whether he had heard Oliver’s remarks, and the chairman actually made a point of denying that he is a dingo.

This particular comment was enough for Oliver to demand on Sunday night during a new Last Week Tonight edition that Wheeler proves he isn’t a dingo.

“That’s exactly what a dingo would say if he didn’t want anyone to know he was a dingo,” Oliver said about Wheeler’s denial.

“Have you, at any time, ever consumed a swamp-wallaby for its nutrients?” Oliver asked, asking for a signed document from a zoologist proving that Wheeler isn’t a dingo.

Oliver’s intervention that swamped the FCC’s comment system is available at this link, while his humorous bit on the FCC Chairman’s dingo-related comments can be seen in the following video.