It’s taken a while but AgileBits has at last released a version of 1Password for Android that’s just as useful as the one you can get on iOS. The new 1Password 4 Android, which is available to download right now for free on Google Play, gives you an easy and secure way to store passwords to all of your most important websites and services. With 1Password you literally only need to remember one master password that will give you access to every other account that you use online. 1Password will create unique, strong passwords for you for every site you log into and will keep them stored for you in a secure locker.

Android fans can use all of 1Password’s features for free between now and August 1st. After that, however, you’ll have to pay for premium features such as the ability to organize your password vault by moving items into different folders and the ability to “add new items like logins, secure notes and identities to your vault.” 1Password won’t just work for your Android phone, either — you’ll be able to sync your passwords across your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad, which means that it can really protect you on all of your personal devices now.

Be sure to check out 1Password 4 Android by clicking the source link below.

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