The biggest conference in the United States for video games kicks off on Monday and Microsoft has an extra treat to help gamers celebrate: the company’s Xbox One console is now available starting at $399.99, the same price as Sony’s rival PlayStation 4.

Microsoft launched its next-generation console at $499.99 with a second-gen Kinect sensor bundled with the console, but the high price and slightly weaker specs of Microsoft’s new console has positioned it squarely as No.2 in this console generation. With its new cheaper Kinectless purchase option, Microsoft hopes to help even the score.

Of course, regardless of who is winning this generation’s “console war,” the Xbox One is still an awesome machine that owners have been quite pleased with thus far.

Those who might be interested in purchasing an Xbox One without a Kinect sensor will find a link to Microsoft’s store below in the source section. Also of note, the cheaper Kinectless Xbox One is 10% more powerful than the earlier model thanks to some processing power that has been freed up.