Yosemite, Apple’s recently unveiled OS X update, will be officially available to consumers free of charge on an unspecified date this fall. Until then, Mac owners who want to try out the new Yosemite features have several options if they want to get it early.

Access to a Mac developer account will get you access to a Yosemite download link immediately. One other way of trying out Yosemite early is to apply for the open beta program, which will kick off later this summer. To do so, Mac users have to go to Apple’s website and apply for a beta spot – the program is open to the first one million applications though.

Finally, there’s one way to download and install Yosemite right away, GottaBeMobile reveals, and that’s by going to a certain website and grabbing the appropriate OS X Yosemite download.

It’s worth pointing out that this particular route is not exactly a kosher one, but it will apparently let you run Yosemite on your Mac immediately, instead of waiting for the beta program to start. As with other unofficial ways of getting unreleased software, BGR advises against installing OS X Yosemite obtained from sources others than official ones.

OS X Yosemite beta 1 or developer preview 1 is a 4.7GB download, and will work on any Macs that can run OS X Mountain Lion or OS X Mavericks.