Regular roller coaster rides are thrilling experiences that can be frightening, depending on whom you ask, but they can become even stranger when recorded on video. That’s what videographer Ignacio Ferrando did, using six GoPro cameras to record a roller coaster ride and then stitching together the resulting clips for an amazing 360-degree experience, which then he posted on YouTube.

The resulting video looks like the rider is preparing to launch into space, rather than enjoying a “regular” roller coaster ride, and goes to show what kind of projects the popular GoPro cameras can be used for.

Similar interesting videos recorded with GoPro cameras and showing a terrifying plane crash, what’s it like to fall from outer space, what’s it like to fall thousands of feet to your death or the most horrifying downhill ski course of the Olympics have been published on YouTube.

The 360-degree roller coaster ride video follows below.