Just like with previous iOS versions before it, Apple was able to demo only some of the main features of its upcoming iOS 8 update during this year’s WWDC keynote, but buried inside iOS 8 there will be plenty of other cool features Apple did not mention during the event. However, Apple listed some of the upcoming iOS 8 features it didn’t have time to discuss at length on a slide that popped up briefly at the very end of its presentation, as you can see in the image above.

For your enjoyment, here are 20 promising iOS 8 features that Apple did not talk about during the iOS 8 announcement, but that are nonetheless included in the upcoming major iOS release:

  • Braille Keyboard for direct 6 dot braille input
  • Private browsing per tab in Safari
  • Instant burst camera mode
  • Wi-Fi calling support
  • ‘Hey, Siri’ hotword
  • iBooks built into iOS 8
  • Separate focus and exposure in Camera
  • Flyover city tours
  • Panoramic photos on iPad
  • DuckDuckGo support in Safari
  • In Case of Emergency Card
  • Battery usage by app
  • Travel time notifications
  • iTunes content purchases with Siri
  • 24 new dictation languages
  • Rich text editing in Notes
  • Touch ID to exit Guided Access
  • Tips app
  • Speak screen support
  • FaceTime call waiting

Even more iOS 8 features are listed in the image above.

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