There are countless factors to take into consideration when crafting the perfect password, but after the Heartbleed scare, it’s worth taking every precaution available in order to protect your private data. One of the most reliable password management apps we’ve ever used, 1Password, finally has a release date for Android after months of beta testing. Android users — you’ll be safer than ever starting on June 10th.

According to the AgileBits team, 1Password 4 (the latest incarnation of the software) is an entirely new and full-featured app for Android phones and tablets. Before August 1st, every feature of the app will be unlocked and free for all users. After that date, the app will go into reader mode and will require in-app purchases in order to restore its full functionality.

1Password has been one of the most useful apps on iOS and Mac for years, so it’s nice to see it spread to more platforms. If you’d like to know more about the app, check out AgileBits’ website.