Big changes are coming to the Xbox One with surprising speed right now. First, Microsoft caved last week and announced that it would begin selling the Xbox One without a bundled Kinect sensor for $399.99, matching the price of Sony’s PlayStation 4 video game console. Now, a new leak suggests that another sought-after change to the Xbox One could be coming very soon.

Anonymous Reddit user “XboxOneDev,” who has been confirmed to be a member of the Xbox One developer program, posted a leaked screenshot that will make many Xbox One console owners very happy.

Here’s the screenshot:

As can be seen in the notification pop-up in the bottom right corner of the screen, it looks like external hard drive support is now available in an unreleased test build of an upcoming Xbox One software update.

The Redditor gave no additional information, but did say that the new Xbox One software update would be released to the public “soon.” This could suggest that the feature will be added in Microsoft’s Xbox One next update.

Microsoft has confirmed in the past that it plans to add external hard drive support to the Xbox One console, but it has yet to give gamers any kind of release time frame. Because Microsoft requires that users install each game they purchase — and because some games can occupy 50GB or more of the Xbox One’s 500GB hard drive — the option to add external storage will address a big pain point for hardcore gamers who own many different video games.