Google is steadily working to turn Google Now into the most useful personal assistant in the mobile market. On Monday, Google announced on Google Plus that the latest update to its Google Search app will keep track of the products you search for online and then alert you when you pass by a store that might carry that product.

For example, if you searched for a pair of hiking boots, but decided not to purchase them quite yet, Google Now will send you a reminder when it detects a retail location that sells the boots. A card will pop up on your device showing you the price as well. All you have to do is walk inside and see if the boots are in stock.

It’s another tiny innovation that could alleviate our increasingly short-term memory. Just last week, Google released another update which enabled automatic parking detection in Google Now, reminding drivers where they park their cars. At this rate, Android device owners will be hard pressed to find excuses for forgetting anything throughout the day.

If you’d rather keep your wallet safe from spontaneous purchases while wandering the streets, you can always turn off location tracking in the settings of your phone.