Amazon is ready to offer shoppers an interesting new way to purchase various goods by letting them connect their Amazon and Twitter accounts in order to add new products to their Amazon shopping carts with a simple hashtag. By adding #AmazonCart in replies to tweets that have Amazon product links in them, users will be able to add those products to their carts, The Next Web reports.

However, #AmazonCart cart additions will not be turned immediately into purchases, as users will still have to visit Amazon and confirm the purchases in their shopping carts.

Amazon will confirm it has added a certain product to your shopping cart via an email and a reply tweet from @MyAmazon, and the retailer will also inform users if a product is out of stock.

In a frequently asked question section, Amazon also explains that since most content is public on Twitter, answering to tweets with #AmazonCart replies will be visible to “whomever you replied, to those viewing the conversation,” and will appear on your Timeline unless the account is set to private.

The following video shows how the Amazon/Twitter shopping integration works.