Samsung will reportedly launch the premium version of the Galaxy S5 at some point in June, according to “industry sources” that spoke to South Korean publication Asia Today. The Galaxy S5 “Prime” model has been detailed in many reports preceding the Galaxy S5 launch and was spotted online after the regular model hit stores, even though Samsung officially denied working on such a device.

The Prime model is expected to have a 2560 x 1440 (also known as 2K or Quad HD) display, and a faster, more energy-efficient Samsung Exynos chip, at least according to recent reports.

It’s not clear in what markets this Prime Galaxy S5 version will be launched in, or how much it’ll cost, especially when compared to the regular Galaxy S5 that’s already selling very well in many countries.

It’s also not clear whether the device would still be included in the Galaxy S family of handsets, as a Galaxy S5 variation, or whether it’ll be part of a new flagship device line of Samsung handsets. Internally, the product is reportedly known as Project KQ.

In previous years, Samsung used Galaxy S branding for mid-range devices that launched shortly after flagship devices in a certain year, adding secondary names including “Mini,” “Zoom” or “Active” to differentiate those models from the company’s main handset.