One of famed graffiti artist Banksy’s most recent works is a commentary on how distracted we all are by constant connectivity. Dubbed “Mobile Lovers,” the piece shows a man and a woman looking past each other’s shoulders at their smartphones while embracing. It’s a terrific work of art, as all of Banksy’s pieces are, but it was recently torn down by a local man, as BBC reported.

Just hours after Banksy finished the piece, Dennis Stinchcombe unscrewed the wooden plank that served as Banksy’s canvas and pried it off of the wall with a crowbar. As BBC learned, however, he had good intentions.


Stinchcombe, who is the manager of the Broad Plain Boys Club adjacent to when Banksy’s latest work was created, plans to sell it for “hundreds of thousands of pounds” — not because he’s greedy, but in an effort to save the boys club from imminent closure due to a lack of funding.

“I think it’s almost like a gift from out the sky, it really is amazing,” Stinchcombe told BBC.