Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox One video game console has been well-received thus far but there’s no question that sales have been lagging behind Sony’s rival box, the PlayStation 4. A number of industry watchers have suggested that the Xbox One’s price, which at $499 is $100 more than the PS4, was one of the main reasons for the console’s comparatively weak sales — Sony announced last month that PS4 sales had surpasses 6 million units, while the last number we heard from Microsoft was 3 million units as of the end of 2013. If price is indeed the biggest barrier for the Xbox One, a huge new sale that makes the Xbox One much cheaper than the PS4 could be just what Microsoft needs to push forward.

As noted by DualShockers, a limited-time sale at Target makes the Xbox One an absolute steal. The nationwide retailer is offering Microsoft’s Xbox One Titanfall bundle and 13 months of Xbox Live service for just $449.99.

On its own, hot new mech-style shooter Titanfall retails for $59.99. A year of Xbox Live also has a retail value of $59.99, which adds up to $120 lopped off the cost of the new Xbox One console. Add on Target’s $50 discount and you’re looking at an effective final price of $330.

The offer is pretty shocking considering the Xbox One just launched this past November. Even when the extra $50 off sale is over, buyers are still looking at $380 for the Xbox One considering the Titanfall and Xbox Live deals.

Potential Xbox One buyers likely won’t find a better price anytime soon, so you’ll likely want to act fast.