Xbox One owners who are interested to know what Microsoft plans to do next to improve their consoles will be happy to know that the company has just announced that it’s testing out three key new features that it will eventually send out in a future update.

Right now select Xbox One users can get an invitation-only preview of three future system updates including Blu-ray player support for 50 Hz video output, controller and headset updates that will boost connectivity while reducing static, and a new feature that will let you automatically install updates to your Xbox when it’s in standby mode. In all, Microsoft is working to solve three key annoyances that Xbox One users have reported over the last few months and the company says that feedback it’s received from gamers so far has been invaluable.

There’s no word yet on when Microsoft will push these features out to all Xbox One owners yet but it can’t be too long if it feels confident enough to push them out to some users.