After seeing the Galaxy S5 dunked in water, ran over by an SUV and dropped from 10 feet, it’s only logical to see more torture tests starring the Samsung flagship device, including an actual hammering test. Video Daily decided to see how the handset would survive tough shocks by actually taking hammer hits against the glass of the handset. Surprisingly, the device stood its ground to the first “small-to-medium” hits, but the display finally gave out.

This wouldn’t necessarily have been an unexpected outcome, considering that no matter how tough smartphones are, they won’t survive certain shocks – including extensive hammering, or shooting rifles at them – but all the hammering had an unforeseen outcome: the battery of the Galaxy S5 actually exploded, releasing its contents into the air (and probably in protest).

The video showing the Galaxy S5 carnage follows below. As always with these extreme scenarios, BGR advises readers against trying any sort of gadget destruction tricks at home.