Considering the sheer volume of Apple device rumors over the course of a given week, it can be hard to take any of them very seriously. But when government filings from huge multibillion dollar corporations mention an unannounced Apple product, we pay attention.

In a recent FCC filing regarding the impending merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable, the companies mention that Apple is “[exploring] development of an Apple set-top box.”

We can’t be certain whether this has anything to do with the report that Apple is working with Comcast to launch a joint product, but it would certainly explain how Comcast has knowledge of the unannounced set-top box.

The full quote follows below.

Today, Google competes as a network, video, and technology provider, and 8 out 9 of the next Google Fiber markets the company announced are in Comcast or TWC areas. Apple tablets are viewing platforms for cable services even while Apple offers an online video service, Apple TV, and explores development of an Apple set-top box.

You can find the full Applications and Public Interest Statement on Comcast’s corporate site.