Motorola’s recently unveiled Android Wear-based Moto 360 is definitely a hot product – at least on paper, as the smartwatch is yet to be officially released – and the device has been shown in more images, with Motorola revealing more details about it. The Moto 360 will come with replaceable watchbands, allowing users to customize the appearance of their devices, SlashGear reports, with Motorola showcasing several designs including metal, leather and rubber. Watchfaces will also be customizable to match the chosen bands.

Interestingly, the power button of the smartwatch can apparently be physically turned to wind the watch, even though the time can be manually set using the touchscreen interface. Other design details include a colored back – the device in the images has a purple back side, and it’s not clear whether other colors will be available – as well as a microphone on the opposite side of the power button.

In a live Hangouts interview, Motorola revealed it chose a circular smartwatch design as that’s the most popular watch choice with buyers, adding that the device can be easily worn on both the right and left hand. Furthermore, the device will feature an OLED display protected by Sapphire glass.

Final specifications and launch details aren’t available for Motorola’s newest smartwatch. Images showing the device from multiple angles, including various band options follow below.