Microsoft may be a long way from slashing prices on its newest console, but Walmart seems ready to offer buyers a much better Xbox One price. In fact, the retailer is selling the Xbox One Titanfall bundle online for just $449.99, or $50 off its regular price. For that price, users get both the console and the incredibly popular game, which retails separately for $59.99, in effect slashing the Xbox One’s price even lower than Sony’s PlayStation 4, which retails for $399.99 without any games. Best Buy is also offering the same deal right now.

On top of the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, Walmart is also selling the Xbox One Forza Motorsport 5 for the same $449.99 price. Both deals are available on, with the bundles expected to ship a few days after orders are placed.

The Xbox One Titanfall bundle is likely the most popular Xbox One-related purchase right now, with the brand new game reportedly responsible for over one million console purchases, an impressive number considering the on-going battle between Microsoft and Sony for gamers’ attention.

A screenshot showing the two Xbox One bundle deals at Walmart follows below.

Walmart-Xbox-One-Deal-1Image Source: GottaBeMobile