Titanfall, the biggest online FPS of 2014 so far, has done more than just live up to the hype, it’s given EA an incentive to publish the sequel. GameSpot reports that EA has secured the rights for Titanfall 2 based on the performance of the first title, which helped double Xbox One sales in the UK earlier this month. EA was unwilling to comment on this rumor from GameSpot’s “reputable source.”

Furthermore, Polygon has been informed by its own sources that Titanfall 2 will no longer be a Microsoft platform exclusive. Respawn Entertainment has gone on record in the past to let its fans know that its games would appear on more consoles in the future, but this is the first report we’ve seen from purportedly reliable sources confirming that statement.

As if the company wasn’t making waves already, bringing Titanfall 2 to the PlayStation 4 could solidify Respawn as one of the multiplatform third-party developers to watch out for during the remainder of the console generation and beyond.