Microsoft definitely plans on releasing Windows Phone 8.1 because the company has already listed the next version of its mobile operating system on its Windows Phone website. WPCentral first spotted a Windows Phone 8.1 section under the Features menu, however, the company must have published the section by mistake because it’s not available anymore.

Microsoft is likely getting ready to launch Windows Phone 8.1, its next major mobile update, with a special announcement on April 2nd, the first day of the company’s Build 2014 developers conference.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not actually reveal any details about Windows Phone 8.1 on its website, as the Windows Phone 8.1 menu was not a functional one, directing users to an unpublished page.

Even so, some Windows Phone 8.1 features have been leaked in the past weeks. A developer with access to the latest release of the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK said that the new OS will offer, among other things, JavaScript support for apps, a new way to track battery life, support for SD cards, a new YouTube player, support to set a different messaging app as default, and a new multitasking functionality.

Additional reports have revealed a new notification center for Windows Phone 8.1, and Microsoft is rumored to include a Cortana voice-based virtual assistant in this release as well.