We already know that the PlayStation 4 has taken a strong lead in the early goings of the latest console generation, but where are those millions of customers coming from? According to DealNews, one of the key factors to Sony’s success has been converting the “swing gamers” — Xbox owners who have decided to ditch the Microsoft brand for PlayStation this generation.

A survey of 1,727 readers revealed that 35% of gamers who owned both the Xbox 360 and PS3 have opted to purchase a PlayStation 4 while only 23% bought an Xbox One. Brand loyalty was a major selling point for gamers who only owned one last-gen console, but “dual owners” are skewed in Sony’s direction, primarily because of the enhanced specifications. Whether or not the ongoing 1080p controversy will stick around as headline news for much longer remains to be seen, but it’s certainly turned some heads post-launch.

You can see a chart of the dual owner preference below:

Xbox One PS4 Dual Owners