Microsoft hosted a huge launch party at SXSW on Monday night in order to celebrate the release of Titanfall, and it appears to have been one of the most-attended events of the show so far. Tiernan Ray of Barron’s took a few photos of the around-the-block lined that formed for the event, attracting hundreds of gamers and curious passersby trying to get an early look at the most hyped game of 2014 so far. According to one security guard, Microsoft was letting in blocks of 150 attendees at a time, a sign of the enormous crowd. The mech-wrangling FPS has drawn the attention of gamers and investors alike as Xbox One sales continue to lag behind the PlayStation 4. It’s still far too early for doomsaying, but the market demands drama, so we’ll see whether or not Titanfall can put the Xbox One on more equal footing with the PS4. Check out the photos below.