If you’ve got more than $2,000 to spend and you love PC gaming then it looks like you can’t go wrong with the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro, which from Engadget’s description sounds like the best gaming laptop we’ve seen this year. According to Engadget, the GS60 Ghost Pro features a 15.6-inch display and a NVIDIA GPU that MSI says “should be able to handle many of the latest games at high settings on their unit’s optional “3K” (2,880 x 1,620) display.” But that’s not the best part — no, the best part is that the GS60 Ghost Pro is ridiculously light for such a high-powered laptop and checks in at just 4.4 pounds while measuring in at 19.5 millimeters thick. Other specs for the laptop include an Intel Core i7 processor, dual SSD storage and 802.11ac WiFi. The laptop starts at around $2,200, which sounds expensive but is actually about a reasonable price for a high-powered gaming laptop.