PlayStation fever went international as the PS4 launched to huge sales in Japan last month, but after an impressive performance in its first week, the next seven days were worryingly deflated. 4gamer shares the latest report from Media Create, which shows PS4 unit sales have dropped to 65,685 from the high-water mark of 322,083 last week. According to PlayStation LifeStyle, those figures represent the second lowest week 2 sales of any recent console launch, including the Vita, the 3DS and the Wii U. Supply constraints are likely a factor, and the PS4 also reached Japan outside of the holiday season, but whatever the reason, Japan’s gamers aren’t adopting Sony’s new system nearly as fast as other recent consoles. The PS4 remains at the top of the console sales chart for now — we’ll check in soon to see if the 3DS and Vita can catch back up.

PS4 Japan Sales Week 2