The newest accessory for the Xbox One has been made official in a post today on the Xbox Wire. The Xbox One Media Remote is an accessory that should help ease the transition from cable box to game console for the uninitiated consumers who want to see what all the fuss is about. With the new remote, you will no longer have to depend on voice commands or an Xbox One controller to quickly navigate video playback of Blu-rays or streaming videos.

The remote appeared out of nowhere on Amazon last week, and although the price was incorrect, the other details seem to have been spot on. Microsoft’s media remote will feature backlit buttons and a silicone finish, as well as a dedicated Back button and a OneGuide button for easy access to your TV lineup. The remote “can also control TV/Receiver power and volume through Kinect, which uses IR blasting to send signals to your TV and/or receiver.”

If you’re interested in picking one up, Microsoft plans to release the Xbox One Media Remote in early March for $24.99.