After detailing several Galaxy S5 features including the fingerprint scanner and the invisible dedicated camera button, SamMobile is back with more revelations about the upcoming smartphone. The publication has learned that the phone will come with a “Kids Mode” software feature that will let parents control what their children can do with the device.

With Kids Mode on, only certain apps and contacts will be available to children, including access to a Kids Store that contains free and paid games and learning applications. A timer can also be set up in order to limit smartphone interaction for children and the Kids Mode is protected by a PIN code, so only parents can customize it. Similarly, paid app purchases are also PIN-protected. Kroko “a popular toy/cartoon character” will be helping parents with creating accounts for their children.

“The Kids Mode interface is pretty colorful and flat (a direction all Samsung apps will take in the newest iteration of the company’s software), and we can imagine it being a feature that will be welcomed by all the parents out there that are currently afraid of handing out their devices to their kids without supervision.” Sam Mobile writes.

Similar features that limit what a child can do on a smartphone exist on Windows Phone, and are built-in Android on tablets (depending on what software version the device is running). Apple also has a Guided Access mode that can limit access to iOS devices, allowing parents to customize mobile experiences for children.

The Galaxy S5 will be unveiled at MWC 2014 on February 24, at which point Samsung is expected to further detail the new software features the phone will have to offer.