If you were looking forward to a new entry in the Halo franchise later this year, we’ve got some bad news for you. The voice of Master Chief, Steve Downes, told GameZone in a recent interview that Halo 5 likely won’t see release until 2015. 343 Industries, the developer that has taken over the Halo franchise, made a point to let the fans know that the teaser trailer shown at E3 was not meant to represent a specific game or sequel, but rather a hint of what was to come. It appears that whatever is coming will have to wait until next year.

Just because Halo 5 isn’t going to land in 2014 doesn’t mean Halo will be put on hold altogether. According to Downes, Halo 2 Anniversary, the HD remake of the sequel, is slated for release before the end of the year. 343 has yet to officially announce the title, but given how well the first Halo Anniversary was received, it would be a pretty safe bet.