Despite maintaining the platform of choice for millions of gamers around the world, Microsoft has never managed to form a real relationship with the PC gaming crowd. Microsoft’s hiring of former Valve business head Jason Holtman as the new leader of the PC gaming and entertainment division looked to be the first step in a complete reversal for the company that plagued us with Games for Windows – Live, but Neowin discovered this week that Holtman left the company in January, just six months after he was originally hired.

“We can confirm that Jason has left Microsoft and we’re grateful for his time at the company,” said Microsoft in a statement to Neowin. “We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

As The Verge notes, between Windows 8, Xbox One and a new CEO, Microsoft already has plenty to concern itself with. PC gaming might still be a part of Microsoft’s future, but Holtman’s departure is a clear sign that Microsoft’s priorities currently lie elsewhere.