Cyanogen Inc.’s co-founder and famed Android developer Koushik “Koush” Dutta posted a teaser on Google+ about an upcoming feature one of his most recent apps may receive in the near future: Android mirroring. “What if I told you I could mirror Android to Chromecast,” Koush wrote in a generated meme image that became viral on the social site, although he did not elaborate on the matter.

While the Chromecast has been one of the best Google products of 2013, the dongle was criticized for lacking the mirroring feature, which would allow users to beam the contents on the displays of their devices on TVs, as well as lacking support for streaming local content. However, the same developer revealed in early December that such a feature may arrive to Android in the future.

The dongle can mirror a tab in a browser on a desktop to stream additional content, although that’s not enough for certain users.

Chromecast Android mirroring teaser | Image credit +Koushik Dutta

Koush’s AllCast app also “fixed” the other Chromecast “issue.” The app can be used to beam local content to a variety of players hooked up to a big-screen TV, with the Chromecast having been confirmed to receive support only recently. Initially, Google’s Chromecast did not support the feature, and developers were not allowed to build such features into their Android apps. However, Koush revealed a few days ago that AllCast will stream local media soon now that Google has finally made available the Google Cast SDK to developers.