Did you miss your chance to download the inexplicably popular Flappy Bird before its creator unceremoniously removed it from app stores? No need to threaten to murder him — there is at least one way to get your small-birds-avoiding-pipes fix without spending $90,000 on an iPhone with the game preinstalled. Software developer Ural Özden has recreated Flappy Bird in the browser, and since the game uses HTML5, you can play in on your mobile device once again, as if it had never disappeared in the first place.

If all the colors and noises of Flappy Bird on the browser are a bit too overwhelming, you can also throw down $150 on a Pebble smartwatch and download Tiny Bird instead. Tiny Bird is a clone of Flappy Bird that recently showed up on the Pebble Appstore, and is somehow even more simplistic than its deceased ancestor. Frighteningly, it looks just as addictive. Proceed with caution, wary flappers.