Despite the yearly release schedule, the gaming populace has still yet to tire of the Call of Duty franchise, a series of first-person shooters that has kept Activision at the top of its game for nearly a decade. Call of Duty: Ghosts was another huge success late last year, but during Activision’s earnings call earlier this week, President and CEO Bobby Kotick told investors that Destiny, the upcoming title from the creators of Halo, could be Activision’s “next billion dollar franchise.”

Kotick said that he and his colleagues “expect that Destiny will become the best selling new video game IP in history when it launches across Xbox and PlayStation consoles on September 9th.” Considering how few original properties have been announced for the next-gen consoles up to now, Activision’s expectations are far from presumptuous. That said, EA is looking to claim the same designation with Titanfall next month, another brand new IP from an exciting developer.