Even though LG has confirmed that its next flagship device will be unveiled at MWC 2014the G Pro 2 (pictured above), the successor of last year’s Optimus G Pro – the company may launch a second high-end device in a matter of months, according to ZDNet Korea. The publication says that the LG G3 may hit stores a lot earlier than initially anticipated, and it’s seen as one of the main Galaxy S5 rivals this year.

The so-called Galaxy S5 “killer” could be introduced between May and June with a release to follow soon thereafter. Its predecessor, the LG G2, was unveiled in August 2013 and released a month later. Meanwhile, Samsung’s next flagship has been confirmed to be announced during the company’s major MWC 2014 media event, and should be launched in multiple markets in the weeks/months that follow.

With earlier than expected high-end smartphone launches, both Samsung and LG may react to slower than expected smartphone sales. Even though Samsung sold more than 300 million smartphones last year, various reports said the company was not happy with Galaxy S4 sales, which did not live up to its pre-release hype.

LG, on the other hand, did not enjoy a similar smartphone performance last year, and may be even more interested in hurrying new high-end smartphones to market in 2014 than Samsung is.