When you first got a Facebook account, you probably haphazardly friended everyone you knew from middle school, high school, college and work before considering the consequences. Years later, those coworkers and classmates are still posting quotes from celebrities every hour, on the hour, followed by pictures of memes from the darkest corners of the Internet, but you can’t bring yourself to unfriend them. What if they found out? Well now they don’t have to, thanks to the myriad options Facebook gives to ignore your friends.

Business Insider has put together a quick guide that will teach your how to avoid seeing any more inane minutiae without hurting any feelings. You can start by choosing to “Unfollow” a friend, which appears as an option in the drop-down menu on any status. You can also limit which friends can see you on chat while you’re online.

For the full guide along with illustrations, click through to Business Insider, which is linked below in our source section.