Tech companies compete for titles every day of the year. Whether it’s sales, profits, shipments or reviews, there’s always winners and losers, but sometimes healthy competition can lead to a healthier planet. The Environmental Protection Agency released its list of Top 30 Tech and Telecom companies that run on green power last month, and some very familiar names appear in the top 5. Intel handily beat out every one else on the list, using over 3 billion kWh of green power in 2013. Microsoft took second place with just under 2 billion kWh, Google came in third with 737 million kWh and Apple slid into fourth with 537 million kWh. Although it wasn’t quite in contention for the No. 1 slot, Apple did source more providers than any other company on the list. Check out all the other companies that made green power a priority on the EPA’s website.