Long before we knew the NSA was monitoring our every move, the constant threat of getting a virus was the primary concern for most Internet users. Viruses are still a major problem for many people, and the United States is host to a ridiculous 44% of the malware online today according to Solutionary. In fact, the U.S. hosts five times the amount of malware as the next leading offender, Germany. Cybercriminals are making use of some of the most popular cloud service to proliferate their malware.

“Cloud computing is rapidly becoming cybercriminals’ favorite method of distribution for their malicious endeavors,” writes Solutionary’s Chad Kahl. “It’s a cost-effective way for bad guys to quickly get online and avoid geographic blacklisting. Amazon and GoDaddy are the “go-to” providers with a combined 30 percent share.”

If you think that anti-virus software is the solution, think again. Solutionary also says that despite using over 40 anti-virus engines during its tests, the “vast majority of samples made it past all of the checks.”