Data released over the weekend by the New York Police Department shows that grand larcenies within the city increased again in 2013, up 13% to roughly 45,000 incidents. There were plenty of contributing factors, of course, but the NYPD specifically pointed a finger at Apple while explaining why crime was on the rise last year. According to the city’s police department, thefts of Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad made up more than 18% of all grand larcenies in New York City last year, with 8,465 incidents having been reported. Apple devices are stolen so often that the NYPD now specifically tracks thefts of Apple-branded devices separately from other devices. The Wall Street Journal noted that while Apple devices are indeed the most frequently stolen mobile devices in New York, an NYPD spokesperson said that Apple has also “led the industry in helping customers protect their lost or stolen devices” with its Find My iPhone and Find My iPad apps.