It looks like future BlackBerry phones will be for diehard fans only

BlackBerry Future Smartphones QWERTY Keyboards

BlackBerry tried to make a big comeback in the consumer smartphone space with the BlackBerry Z10 touch screen device… and it flopped badly. Now that the company has waved the white flag in the high-end consumer smartphone market, it’s free to make devices that will appeal mostly to its remaining fans who don’t care about big touch displays and only want the comfort of a physical QWERTY keyboard. In an interview with Bloomberg, BlackBerry CEO John Chen renewed his company’s commitment to making keyboard-equipped smartphones and said that new devices designed by the company would be “predominantly” QWERTY-equipped phones. While this is music to the ears of BlackBerry diehards, it does suggest that BlackBerry only plans to design a limited number of devices targeted toward its corporate user base since consumers have repeatedly shown that they prefer full touch display phones to phones with QWERTY keyboards.

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