One of the biggest surprises of CES so far is webOS, the revived platform from LG that could bring new life to the Smart TV. Of course, webOS is only a piece of the LG TV puzzle this week, and thanks to Engadget, we now have some idea of just how impractically expensive LG’s oversized Ultra HD lineup will be. LG’s room-filling 105-inch LCD TV will cost approximately $70,000, but lacks any release schedule at the moment. The 77-inch curved Ultra HD OLED TV will cost $29,999, and LG expects to ship it in the second quarter of this year. The 55-inch flat OLED TV is the first to fall under five digits, running customers $8,999, but we have previously noted, about three-quarters of LG’s Smart TVs released in 2014 will feature webOS. If you’d rather hold on to your child’s college fund, there will likely be a few reasonably priced webOS sets on sale later this year as well.