Outside of the Apple ecosystem, affordability reigns supreme. According to the latest data from AdDuplex, the budget-priced Lumia 520 has now taken more than 30% of the Windows Phone market share, and when combined with the Lumia 521, the two phones make up more than one-third of all Windows Phone sales worldwide. And if you narrow the results to just Windows Phone 8 devices, then the Lumia 520 and 521 account for more than 40% of all devices sold. The Lumia 520 has been the undisputed leader of the Windows Phone market for quite some time, and to further cement itself in that position, the phone has captured an additional 4% of the market over the past month.

While the 520 continues to fly off the shelves, the more expensive newcomers have failed to reach the top 10. Not only have the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 1520 been excluded from the worldwide Windows Phone top 10 list, they even missed the Windows Phone 8 top 10, a notably slimmer category. With 92.1% of the Windows Phone market, Nokia is virtually the only vendor in contention, but the company has yet to find a way to attract consumer to its high-end smartphones.