As much as some like to make fun of phablets, their popularity continues to grow. According to one analyst’s predictions, phablets will even outsell small tablets in 2014. As reported in Forbes, Bob O’Donnell of Technalysis Research predicts that in 2014, 175 million phablets will be sold compared to 165 million small tablets. He defines small tablets as tablets with screens that are less than 8 inches and phablets as phones with screens larger than 5 inches.

Phablets are particularly popular in South Korea, where O’Donnell notes that two-thirds of all smartphone sales are phablets. South Korean companies Samsung and LG have embraced phablets. Samsung has released multiple phablets, including its Galaxy Note line. LG recently released its 6-inch G Flex. According to O’Donnell, phablets are also popular in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brazil, and Eastern Europe.

O’Donnell also says phablets could take off in America, especially if Apple releases one. Increasingly, it appears Apple may do just that. According to rumors, the iPhone 6 could be anywhere from 4.7 inches to 6 inches.

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