If iTunes Radio is going to become a key component to Apple’s infrastructure lineup, the company is going to have to bring advertisers to the platform in force. AdWeek reports that in order to move the iAds sales team away from in-app ads, Apple is planning to “build a real-time bidding exchange to automate selling in-app ads.” According to the report, Apple’s head of software Eddy Cue is unwavering in his dedication to the growth of iTunes Radio, even if it means automating other services to free up the sales team.

“The message that came across was basically if you’re not working on iTunes Radio, you’re irrelevant,” an Apple insider said.

Spotify shook up its own platform last week when its own team launched ad-supported streaming on mobile devices. Spotify and Pandora are still the undisputed leaders in the field, but if any company has the talent and the resources to claim a spot alongside the biggest names in streaming music, it’s Apple.