Apple and its manufacturing partner Foxconn have worked tirelessly over the past few months to build enough iPhone 5s units to meet the incredible global demand Apple saw following the phone’s launch. According to a recent report, Foxconn is churning out 500,000 iPhone 5s handsets each and every day. For some perspective, that’s the same number of Moto X phones Motorola is estimated to have shipped in the third quarter. All that hard work is paying off, however, and it looks like supply of Apple’s flagship iPhone is finally catching up with demand.

New orders placed for the iPhone 5s on Apple’s website now ship within 24 hours. This marks the first time shipping quotes for the 5s have ever dropped to 24 hours, and it comes just four days after turnaround times dropped to 1-3 days.

BGR recently reviewed the iPhone 5s after spending a month with it, and we called it one of the best smartphones in the world despite being Apple’s least substantial upgrade ever compared to the previous-generation iPhone.