In our review of the Nexus 5, we found that one of the best Android phones on the market marred by an oddly inconsistent camera. The software was buggy, low-light quality was miserable, and the flash was nothing to call home about. The Verge reports that the first update to Android’s KitKat OS, 4.4.1, aims to fix many of the issues that have plagued the Nexus 5 camera. With the new update, Google has improved autofocus, exposure, white balance, speed, and contrast. It looks to be a major leap over the subpar results currently being delivered by the Nexus 5, although The Verge admits that there are still some very basic features missing, such as a single button or screen press for focusing and shooting. Either way, it’s a step in the right direction to make the best Android phone of the season even better. The update is expected to start rolling out over the next few days.