As the electronics market continues to shift away from standard desktops and notebooks, other devices are primed to take their place. Tablets have the upper hand for the time being, but a recent report from Juniper Research claims that wearable device shipments could reach 130 million by 2018, 10 times the amount of wearables that shipped this year.

“It is worth observing that this change in adoption levels can also be attributable to heightened consumer awareness on wearable technology and a better visibility of product adoption, especially in the smart watch segment”, said Juniper’s Nitin Bhas.

In order for the wearable field to reach its potential, Bhas believes that vendors will need to focus on creating a viable platform for app developers. Google is already making strides in this realm with the upcoming release of the Glass Development Kit, but it will be up to the developers to stake their claim in a relatively untested market.