After becoming a dominant force in emerging markets, Foxconn might be eyeing the United States as its next base of operations for future factories. cnYES reports that Foxconn Technology Group is now planning to set up two factories in the U.S., on both the East Coast and West Coast, to begin focusing on high-end smartphone and tablet manufacturing. Apple and Foxconn have been drifting further and further apart over the past few years as Apple has started to shift its operations back to the U.S., and Foxconn has been looking into expanding outside of building products for other vendors.

According to the report, rising wages and production costs in China, along with a purported lack of talent, are the basis for this potential move. Foxconn chairman Terry Gou believes that the new factories will provide employment for local U.S. workers while injecting new blood into the industry as a whole. Although there are no official announcements yet, Arizona Governer Janice Brewer did meet with Gou to discuss having one of Foxconn’s headquarters set up in her state.