Hard copies of infographics showing all the Xbox One’s Kinect Voice commands and Kinect Gestures that can be used to control Microsoft’s new gaming console won’t ship with it on Friday when it launches. But digital versions are already available to download to have around the house when you play. Business Insider has learned from Microsoft that by the time the Xbox One command information cards were finished, the consoles were already shipped. That’s why only media members received printed copies that you won’t get in the box.

However, Xbox One buyers will be able to get the voice commands and gestures cards on Friday from the Xbox site. You can already download the digital versions from here and get yourself familiarized with all the things you’ll be able to say to your Xbox One as well as the Kinect gestures available to control it.

Pictures of the cheat sheets for Xbox One voice and gesture commands follow below.

[Update:] At Microsoft’s request, we have removed the images, which are in the process of being updated and re-released by the company.