One of the stranger stories that has been circulating for the past few months is the Xbox One’s supposed ability to run virtually any HDMI-compatible device through its HDMI input, even the consoles it will be competing against over the holidays. True or not, there had to be a catch, but according to an interview at the Penny Arcade Report, this might be a genuinely feasible way to add a console to your living room setup without taking up another HDMI port on the television. Jeff Henshaw, Group Program Manager of Xbox, said that “[i]f it puts out HDMI, it’ll work just great,” and any potential lag will be imperceptible to the human eye.

Although PAR asked specifically about the PlayStation 4 and Wii U, Henshaw mentioned that he and his son have their Xbox 360 hooked up to the Xbox One. The 360 appears on the Xbox One UI and the Henshaws can seamlessly switch back and forth between the two while maintaining the functionality of the next-gen console. Once we get our hands on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you better believe we’ll be hooking the two up to see just how smoothly the transition works.